The Art of Recycled Glass Beads

A book review by Sarah Corbett

The Art of Recycled Glass beads.
Philippe J. Kradolfer / Nomoda E. Djaba.
ISBN: 978-1-7923-2241-9

“People all around the world have found a way to express themselves through these small powerful pieces of art.”

This book gives a thorough overview of current powderglass bead production in Ghana, alongside some great information regarding the history and cultural significance of these regional forms of adornment.

Traditionally powderglass beads were reserved for Kings, Chiefs and Queen Mothers to wear; however over time the wearing of these beads has become an important part of Ghanaian identity. Within this book you will find explanations of the myriad ceremonial uses of these bright, joyful beads alongside a great record of the manufacturing processes of today’s Ghanaian powderglass bead production.

Alongside the wonderful photography of the techniques of bead production (of which there are several distinct methods), you will find a great array of the styles and designs of beads along with the significance and role of those adornments.
This approach to recording the styles is an important asset to collectors who will benefit from the identification references along with the names of each style and pattern of bead.

The co-author of this book is Nomoda E. Djaba, who also known as Cedi  is widely known and respected by a worldwide bead appreciating community. Cedi shares his art in this book and the many techniques employed in Ghanaian bead making, including his collaboration with American bead maker Art Seymour to create powderglass chevron beads.

This colourful and vibrant book will appeal to both bead makers and bead collectors and is available from the author and from Amazon.

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At the modest price of $25 you will not be disappointed.


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