Bedouin Silver

A woman with a passion for jewels and their significance – Sigrid Van Roode.

Sigrid van Roode is an Egyptologist by training, and it was in Egypt that she first came across traditional silver jewellery. She has been hooked ever since, which has resulted in two books (Desert Silver and Silver & Frankincense) and her website

Sigrid’s current project is her  PhD research into Egyptian zār jewellery at Leiden University.
Sigrid shares her passion to learn and shares these stories via her great monthly newsletter which you can request here
Topics this month include examples of the Sky in Jewellery, news of Webinars from the Zay Initiative  and much more.
My favourite article discusses a hidden meaning in an Omani pendant.
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I have huge respect for Sigrid’s work, and am delighted to share her brilliant work and exciting monthly newsletter with you all.

Jewellery is not just an ornament, but is the material form of hopes and fears, wealth, social status, religion and so much more.


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