Paint it Black

A biography of Kohl. Jolanda Bos
A review by Sarah Corbett

ISBN number 978-94-92940-07-0

It was my good fortune to see Jolanda Bos launch this wonderful book at an event at the London gallery of Michael Backman. Jolanda’s great presentation brought the topic of her fascinating book to life.

Paint it Black traces the history of kohl containers from the early bronze age to the present day and in the process of doing so explores the significance and use of this black powdery substance.

The book is packed with beautiful photos, along with a superb catalogue showing a vast collection of varied and beautiful kohl containers. A clear connection to environment and beliefs can be observed in the designs, materials and construction of these wonderful objects.

As the world becomes more connected and cultural practices begin to fade from daily life and memories it is incredibly important to record these amazing aspects of material culture.

A podcast of Jolanda discussing Paint it Black with Michael Backman can be heard here

You can purchase your copy of the book here 

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