Book Review

Himalayan Treasures – by Manfred Giehmann
Review by Sarah Corbett

Author : Manfred Giehmann
Photographs: Chrisitian J Creutz
ISBN: 9789811406560
Pages: 264

This attractive book is filled with beautiful jewels which have been arranged by region of origin. This allows the reader to easily understand cultural and regional variations of adornment. The addition of historical images of people from the region and maps give a useful context for the pieces shown.

Manfred’s travels and first hand experience of these locations is shared with the reader on this jewel based exploration of the Himalayas. The Himalayas while difficult to access are crisscrossed with many old trade routes which are still active today. These trade routes facilitate some common artistic and cultural factors which span this vast area.

For a newcomer to the topic of Himalayan Adornment the book will offer an understanding of the diverse adornments of the area, along with their social and societal significance.

Manfred Giehmann set out to produce a book which he describes as primarily a ‘coffee table book’ in which to share his passion for Himalayan Adornments. His book fulfills his stated objective.

The book is available via Amazon from the end of July 2020

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