Book Review

Splendour and Shine in the River of Time
Review by Sarah Corbett

Irene Steiner
ISBN  978-3-9524770-8-3
Liechtensteiniches Landes Museum

For those who enjoy the material culture of the people of the world, this catalaogu of the exhibits of an exhibition in the Liechtensteiniches Landes Museum is a feast for the senses. As I scanned the pages for the first time i felt like the proverbial child in a sweet shop!

The vast range of objects of personal adornment within the catalogue are displayed in an engaging manner using a combination of crisp, sharp photos, historical contexts and ephemera along with beautifully posed and curated contemporary photographs of the pieces modelled.

All texts are presented in German and English making this book accessible to many.

While there is certainly a wealth of good images, this is by no means simply a coffee table book. Many aspects of the history, culture, identity,politics and symbolism are woven into the texts.

I am delighted to add this broad and fascinating account of adornment to my library.

You can order your copy for just 25 euros plus shipping from Irene by email.

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