Kadambari Jewels

Jewels which give back.

Kadambari Jewels is a unique brand founded by Rashantha Devanesan in 2009.
Rashantha sources the raw materials for her pieces from North Africa to Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka, focusing on pieces that hold unique historical and cultural meaning in their respective communities. Her passion for history, her creativity, and her dedication to philanthropy are the main drivers of the brand. Every piece is personally crafted by her.
Rashantha gives the majority of her profits to charities she’s worked with for over a decade now, including i-india, jaipur  and Protsahan .
In India.
The Sunera Foundation, Sri Lanka, Deaf and Blind Aid Lanka.
Since she founded Kadambari, Rashantha has designed and sold pieces all over the world, holding sales in London, Singapore and Sri Lanka regularly for the last decade. A hundred percent of profits from these in-person sales has always gone to one of a few charities Rashantha has worked with and supported over the years, mostly focused on vulnerable communities in Morocco, India and Sri Lanka, where Rashantha was born. To date, she’s donated over $100,000 to these charities solely from profits from Kadambari.
The Covid-19 pandemic has prevented Rashantha from holding in-person sales, and she, like many artists, has pivoted to selling her work online. She continues to funnel the majority of her profits to charities, now especially focusing on those helping the most vulnerable with food and protective equipment to protect them from Covid exposure. She has continued to support i-india and Protsahan, India, and “Feed the hungry of Marrakech” to bring urgently needed food and supplies to families in distress during the Covid pandemic.
Its not difficult to want to support this great initiative, as every piece is stunning. You can see the current collections on the website 
For thousands of years, women have used jewellery as an integral part of their dress. Kadambari jewels brings you a palette of beautiful jewellery inspired by ancient Indian, Central and Southeast Asian cultures, at affordable prices. ‘I use only natural materials in the form of precious and semi-precious gemstone beads and metals to design and craft each piece, each piece is unique, no two pieces are ever the same and cannot be recreated in the identical style.’
The regions of Central Asia, The Middle East, North Africa, South and SouthEast Asia have old civilisations rich in history and culture, and a lot of this is reflected in their jewellery, textiles, ornaments and objet d’art. Kadambari attempts to bring an awareness of these cultures through jewellery sourced from and inspired by these ancient lands and their lore.

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