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    Welcome to the Ethnic Jewels Magazine Archive. This is a collection of objects and information which was shared in our Facebook communities. The information is arranged in a fully searchable database which I hope you will enjoy using Thank you for visiting and also for contributing. Warmest wishes Sarah ETHNIC JEWELS MAGAZINE
  • Bracelet – Libya
    Photo credit – Michael BestePosted by – Michael Beste Silver bracelet purchased in Egypt. “Deblij M’fakran” from Lybia. The name literally means tortoise shaped bracelet or Tortoise bracelet. Click here to see original post.
  • Bracelets – Laos
    Photo credit – Anne FierensPosted by – Anne Fierens A collection of antique, good quality silver bracelets from Laos. Purchased in Luang Prabang. Mixed ages and qualities of silver, but all antique and can be attributed to tribal groups of Laos. Click here to see original post.
  • Hair adornment – Laos
    Photo credit – Joost DaalderPosted by – Joost Daalder Hair piece made of a good silver alloy. This example is from northern Laos, and the Kim Mun Lantien Sha Yao people. It is called a “celestial crown”, is early (19th/20th c), and is made by girls at puberty, in a time-consuming process, out of a silver … Continue reading "Hair adornment – Laos"
  • Libyan Pendant
    Photo Credit: Monica Chiodi Posted by: Monica Chiodi A Silver pendant from Libya with a hallmark from Tripoli Originally this piece would have been a part of a larger item, such as a Temporal. Click here to see the original post