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    Welcome to the Ethnic Jewels Magazine Archive. This is a collection of objects and information which was shared in our Facebook communities. The information is arranged in a fully searchable database which I hope you will enjoy using Thank you for visiting and also for contributing. Warmest wishes Sarah ETHNIC JEWELS MAGAZINE
  • Beads- Yemen
    Posted by- Tess Axson Johnson  Photo credit- Tess Axson Johnson  Beads from Yemen, from the North of Sana’a, close to the border of Saudi Arabia and Najran Click here to see original post 
  • Bracelet – Yemen
    Photo credit – Joost DaalderPosted by – Joost Daalder Hinged bracelet carrying the stamp of the Bosani (Baswani) family, who were the most famous family of jewellers, in Yemen, of their time. North Yemen, early/mid 20th c. Superb Yemeni workmanship; high quality silver. Click here to see original post.
  • Necklace – Yemen
    Photo credit : Michael Backman Ltd Posted by : Sarah Corbett Yemen early 20th century length: 62cm, total weight: 150g This necklace of hollow silver beads from Yemen includes three rare, large beads chased with a pineapple skin-like pattern. This type of pattern is highly unusual and we have been unable to find published examples. … Continue reading "Necklace – Yemen"
  • Necklace – Yemen
    Photo Credit : Monica Chiodi Posted by : Monica Chiodi A very old and huge necklace from Hadramawut – Yemen High grade silver, central element with a carnelian stone. The beads are resin/ Bakelite. Click here to see Original Post 
  • Necklace – Yemen
    Photo Credit : Anu Bhandari Posted by: Anu Bhandari A silver necklace from Marib Governorate, Yemen circa 1930/40 Click here to see the original post  
  • Necklace – Yemen
    Photo credit – Michael BackmanPosted by – Michael Backman Large Yemeni Bridal gilded silver and coral necklace (Lazim). Bedouin People, Khawlan Sanaa Region, Yemen. Early 20th century. Click here to see original post.