Symbolism in Global Jewelry

Sindi Schloss

ISBN: 978-0-578-39268-4

Sindi Schloss is a graduate gemologist, jewellery appraiser and historian. Her involvement with a bead museum and world travel give Sindi a unique perspective on the world of Adornment.

Sindi’s 246 page book, Symbolism in Global Jewellery, with over 800 photographs, charts and definitions and value guidelines.

The book is designed to assist jewellery lovers, buyers and sellers, appraisers, and designers to recognize symbols, grasp their deeper meaning(s), and potentially help determine the cultural and geographic regions from which a piece of jewellery may have originated.

Sindi takes us on a journey through jewels defined by the symbols and the beliefs which human cultures have attached to those symbols. By drawing parallels between the use of symbols by cultures around the world we can begin to understand the incidences of their use, both historically and in contemporary designs.

With many images which show examples of symbols seen in jewels of the world Sindi has begun to create categories within which to discuss and explore the myriad possible meanings of the language of adornment.

This book offers many starting points from which the reader may begin to consider and grow their understanding of the many stylistic connections between the preferred adornment of people around the world.

Symbolism in Global Jewelry is available for $34.95

Contact: Sindi Schloss 480-947-5866,

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