Shine & Mistery

The splendour and power of oriental jewellery.

A review by Sarah Corbett

Author : Knauf Museum

Language ‏ : ‎ English

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-3961762170

Peter Hösli and Widad Kawar have brought together their collections of jewels and textiles for an exhibition in the Knauf Museum in Iphofen, Germany.

This exceptional book features jewellery from the exhibition which is owned by Swiss hotelier Peter Hösli. Peter’s passion for travelling led to a lifelong passion for collecting.

This book takes the reader on a journey with Peter, as he recalls his visits to many wonderful places, some of which are places where travel is sadly no longer possible . The excitement and dedication to the quest to learn and discover pieces to build this important collection is palpable in these descriptions.

Peter Hösli’s magnificent collection from Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the Levant is notable for the rarity of the pieces. This book features seldom seen jewellery at the rarest end of the collecting spectrum.

The published pieces provide an insight into the history of adornment of various places, further connections between these places can be explored via the similarities which can be observed and the human reasons for the movement of ideas and styles. For example; the migration of the Rashaida people between Hijaz, Sudan and the Arabian peninsula led to the spread of styles of adornment, as did trade along the silk routes from the East and West; and of course pilgrimages brought diverse ideas, traditions and trade items. The threads of this rich tapestry create myriad layers and links for us to appreciate and explore.

I know that this beautiful book, filled with stunning images and information will be a great and frequently referenced part of my Library.

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