Beads. A History and Collectors Guide

by Stefany Tomalin

ISBN 978 – 4456 – 5865 – 0
Amberley books

Stefany Tomalin is a name which is synonymous with the bead collecting communities of the UK and beyond. As the founding member of the Bead Society of Great Britain, which has been running for 27 years, she has tirelessly shared her knowledge via events, magazines and online.

With a passion for accuracy in the information shared about beads and bead work Stefany has produced four books with both historical and creative themes. The most recent of these is a guide for collectors which draws on Stefany’s extensive understanding of the topic to present a wide selection of useful and concise data regarding types and styles of bead from around the world.

The 96 page book touches on the wide range of beads and offers information regarding their origin and cultural uses. There are many colour photos to help to identify types and styles from all around the world.

Since the 1980’s when Stefany was the proprietor of a bead shop on London’s famous Portobello Road, it has been well known that dropping by to visit would glean well considered and accurate historical and cultural information. This book is a continuation of that generous ethos of sharing knowledge and another page in the jewellery related history of Stefany Tomalins passion to share her understandings.

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