Eastern Treasures

A Review by Sarah Corbett

Occasionally a book knocks the ball out of the park!….
This is that book.

Title: Eastern Treasures
Author: Oytun Elviyazade Camcigil
Publisher: Gilgmesh Publishing

This beautifully printed and presented large format book is filled with great images which showcase from a region which spans Turkey through to Central Asia and the Arabian Peninsula.
This breathtaking publication showcases the personal collection of Jewellery designer Oytun Evliyazade Camcigil.
Otyun studied architecture in Istanbul in the 70’s; the bazaars filled with jewels and the stories behind those jewels became an enduring passion. This book is the result of Otyun’s personal pursuit for the stories and histories which belong to each piece.
My overall impression of the book is one of joy, my joy as I turn each page,the joy which Oytun demonstrates in her writing and the joyful manner in which these jewels are presented. The manner in which Oytun presents and describes the pieces is as captivating as the adornments themselves.
The details of adornment are explored and appreciated,showcasing elements and explaining their significance, whilst showing an understanding of the trade routes which brought these elements and concepts together. I especially appreciated the many instances where the correct local names of pieces of adornment are given.
This is such a valuable resource for researchers and collectors. Page after page of this book bring delight, it is most certainly one of my top 5 of the books I have reviewed or own.
If you have an interest in jewellery and material culture you should add this book to your library. I will enjoy returning frequently to explore the pages of Oytun’s wonderful book.
As time goes on we are witnessing the gradual decline of traditional jewellery styles – now is the time to record these treasures to preserve the memory of the history and culture which they represent.

Here is the link to Eastern Treasures on Amazon
Also available via Gilgamesh Publishing

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