Designer Necklaces Tour


31/05/2022 to 04/06/2022

A 5 day residency in Marrakech, where we will source elements from the amazing Souks of Marrakech. We will use these elements to create necklaces using specialist stringing techniques.

The tour price includes a basic creative design set to allow you to design a free form necklace using specialist stringing techniques.

Hosted by jewellery expert Sarah Corbett. Maximum 6 persons.


A 10% discount is available to those sharing accommodations.


Day One:
Arrivals – You’ll either fly into Marrakech or Casablanca airport. A private transfer from Marrakech airport to your accommodation is included in the tour price.
If you require a private transfer from Casablanca airport, then this can be arranged at cost. Just let us know at point of booking your air travel to Morocco. 

Getting there – Your journey from the airport to your accommodation will be made easier, with assistance along the way. You’ll be met at arrivals by your personal driver & assisted with your luggage right to the front door of your Marrakech home.

And relax – We will be there to greet you at the guesthouse, whatever time you should arrive. We will stay in a luxurious, boutique Riad in the heart of the majestic Medina of Marrakech. The ancient walled city is the setting of a million stories, just waiting for us to write our own.  

There’s time to settle into your large room, before meeting the other tour guests for a traditional dinner.
As we may all be weary from travels, dinner will be a relaxed affair served in the comfort of our Riad dining under the stars !

Day Two:
After a relaxed breakfast in our riad we will explore the souks to begin to source pieces for our jewel designs.

The red city is full of life, so we can soak it all up to our heart’s content. 

Today is a full day of shopping. We will visit friendly traders and jewellery designers of the Médina. 

Marrakech is also full of culinary delights, so today we will indulge and eat at two different restaurants.

Day 3:
Stringing techniques. Today we will spend our day at our stunning riad. We will explore the ways to string elements, create custom closures and consider the practicalities of a piece of wearable art.
All stringing materials and tools will be provided for today.
We will eat lunch in our riad and take breaks to enjoy the beautiful roofgardens spa, hammam and swimming pool inhouse.

In the evening we will head out to a stunning Marrakech Restaurant.

Day 4:
Today we will use the techniques learned on day three to create a personal masterpiece.
With Sarah on hand to assist as required we will work on balance and construction throughout the day. Exploring the possibilities of the elements which we have selected for our creations.
We will eat lunch in our riad and take breaks to enjoy the beautiful roofgardens spa, hammam and swimming pool inhouse.

In the evening we will head out to a stunning Marrakech Restaurant wearing our beautiful creations!.

Day 4:
Our design adventure draws to a close and we say our farewells.

You’ll have free time before your departure, to spend as you choose. If you should need assistance with practicalities or organization, please ask.

Airport transfers will be available as required, but be sure to advise us in advance as to the time of your flight departure. It is advisable to arrive at Marrakech airport several hours prior.

New Friends, Fabulous Jewels – As well as a wealth of knowledge, learning and our own special jewellery – our tours offer many wonderful aspects. We hope that the most valuable reward of your trip, will be the human connections you make. 

Each of our tour guests has their own interesting experience, but we all share an interest in the culture of adornment. Many of our tour guests forge lifelong friendships and stay in touch by means of our social media platforms.

Contact me if you would like to know more.