The Kiani Crown

by Sarah Corbett

This opulent and splendid crown was worn for coronations in Iran during the Qajar dynasty (1796 – 1925)

The Kayanian are a dynasty of Iranian legend, the Kayanian kings are the heroes of Avesta, the sacred writings of Zoroastrianism.

The Kiani crown is a physical manifestation of the belief in the divine royal glory.

Made from red velvet and encrusted with thousand of gems,

Including 1800 pearls, 300 Emeralds , the largest of which is 80 carats. There are 1800 rubies and spinels, measuring up to 120 carats. The largest diamond is 23 carats.

The crown is 32 cm tall without the aigrette.

It is a part of the Treasury of Iranian jewels, and is kept in the museum collection at Irans central bank in Tehran.

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